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Read this if you are planing to make a design of indoor playground

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Combining the actual situation of the market, it is not difficult to find that the most consumers are women and children.

 High consumption frequency makes it easy to be impressed. So opening an indoor children's playground is definitely preferred.

 It can not only relieve mothers’ worries about bringing babies, but also give babies free space. 

And here, in the face of the design of indoor children's playground, Qilong provides a few points for everyone to pay attention to.

1. Design the indoor children's playground according to the positioning

According to the positioning design of the indoor children’s playground, it is first necessary to investigate and analyze the gender and age distribution

 of children around the venue in order to determine the consumer subject targeted by the project, so as to design the venue fe style, planning and other aspects,

 and more effectively attract the target group. Attention. Take the child's physical development, thinking mode and nature as references to better meet the needs of use,

 so as to establish a good psychological impression for parents and children, and promote the possibility of further consumption.

2. By creating the selling point design of indoor children's playground

In the initial stage of the construction of indoor children's playground, investors should analyze the market demand

 and analyze the main selling points. It is not only convenient for publicity and promotion around thematic selling points in the daily operation process, 

but also more targeted to meet customer needs.

3. Combined with the concept design of green and safe indoor children's playground

The design of the park is based on green and safety. In addition to considering children’s preferences and use needs in form,

 they should also focus on quality. Choose good children’s amusement equipment to ensure children’s play experience and improve parents’ The trust of the brand.

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