Site selection negotiation

We will assist you to participate in the site negotiation of Party A. our senior team has professional communication and negotiation skills, which can help customers win the initiative in the game and strive for favorable cooperation conditions.


Theme style design

Our designers will customize a set of solutions integrating visual art and entertainment experience according to the needs of customers and the actual site, and create a perfect dream theme park.


Foundation decoration standard

We will carry out decoration in strict accordance with the basic standards of the children's Park issued by the state, and select environmental protection materials that have passed the relevant national certification, which do not contain toxic substances or have pungent smell.


Customized equipment

Our production department will start customized production according to the entered engineering data and drawings, and strictly ensure the ex factory quality of all equipment.


Guide certificate handling

We will guide you to apply for a series of certificates required by the venue.


Equipment installation and commissioning

After the arrival of the equipment, our headquarters will arrange professional technicians to personally install, check and accept, and strictly control the final effect.


Equipment maintenance

We will regularly send high-tech personnel to the store for technical assistance, equipment maintenance...


Organizational structure setting:

We have a complete set of site management system and performance appraisal.


Personnel recruitment training:

Our professional operation team will come to cooperate with customers in personnel recruitment.


Annual event planning:

Our marketing planning department will change according to customers' positioning, style and festivals. Give different promotion schemes.

Brand image management:

Our designers will plan and design the scheme for customers, and shape the brand image from every detail.

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