How to decide on the park type step by step?

There're five key teps you should do before deciding on the park type. 

1. City & Location: do a quick investigation on the city you plan to build the trampoline park, like population, GDP, people's comsumption level, etc. once the city is good for trampoline park, then  you need to consider the location, we will offer some advices on the location below. 

2. Property Attribute: the property attributes will let you know if the place or space you find would be suitable for trampoline park. There would be some special requirements for trampoline park, like height, fire protection, etc. 

3. Competition Analysis: You will need to check how many trampoline parks in your city? and if there're any other types of parks which have the same target customer. The competition information will decide if your project would be successful. 

4. Surrounding Business Data: it will help you analyze if your trampoling park will have a good potential customer base. 

5. Target Customer Group: once you have make research about the above four information, you will decide which age arrange would be the largest target customer, and then you can make your final decition on the park type. 


1. City&Location advice on building a trampoline park

City Advice on trampoline park:

1. First-, second- and third-tier cities recommended, which have advantages in economy, politics and culture, etc, and thus have relatively high consumption levels.

2. The city population is more than 3 million (based on Chinese citiy populations status), ensuring a certain potential target customer group.

3. The city has a high happiness index, strong tolerance, vigor, and pursuit of entertainment and a youthful lifestyle.

Location Advice on trampoline park:

1. An old city with a permanent population of more than 300k in a radius of 3 kilometers, or a new city under development

2. The surrounding areas are mainly residential communities or commercial centers, etc.

3. The name of the location is a familiar and well-known one for people in the city. 

4. Convenient transportation, direct bus, subway or light rail, convenient parking, plenty of parking spaces



2. Property Attributes Suitable for Trampoline Park

There are four types of space suitable for trampoline park: 1) commercial complexes 2). sports complexes 3). cultural&creative parks 4). factory building. 

If you haven't found the venue, you can target the above four types and will find suitble one. 


Floor Advice Recommend one to three floors,  800-2000 square meters, to avoid excessive pillars affecting the utilization rate of the site.


Height Requirement: Clear height>5.2m, depends on the specific games chosen. 

Fire-proof Requirement:  It meets the requirements of  local fire protection law, amusement safety evacuation requirements.


3. Competition Analysis before deciding to build trampoline park

1) Same Type Competition

Investigate the surrounding trampoline park.

Market saturation analysis, for example: In China we advise the permanent population of the city/trampoline parks quantity should be greater than 1 million, please consult according to the actual situation.


2)   Same Target Customers


The analysis of different business type but with same customer group is an important factor in considering the potential of the project.


Investigate surrounding parks with the same customer groups, such as indoor soft play, family entertainment centers, etc.

The competition with the customer park reflects the potential of the market.



5. Target Customer Group for trampoline park


Target Customer: people of all ages who love sports.

Core Customer Group: Teenagers & Parent-child Families

Features: advocating sports, pursuing healthy life

Customer Needs:

1. Parents encourage children to exercise;

2. The children are full of energy and are naturally active;

3. Young people are under great pressure at work and need to relieve pressure;

4. Like and be passionate about Party culture;

5. The change of social mode, the pursuit of health


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