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Customer from Chennai India who visit our company

Date:2015-12-17 09:06:14 click:1097

 Qilong Amusement Equipment co.,ltd

We are a professional manufacturer of indoor playground and outdoor playground,which got a good quality wordshop and a bunch of genius designers.

A few days ago,there are two indian customers came to our company for confirming the details of design.They got a 400m2 place,which we already designed a jungle theme indoor playground for them.They came to check the factory and quality of goods,and then confirm the details of the drawings.

First we make some changes which he said his thought about the drawings.After the drawing is done designing,we discuss the price with them.

We like our customers  to visit us.If you got a plan about the indoor playground,pls let us help you with it.Of cousrse,you will be warmly welcomed to visit us.