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How about opening an indoor playground at the entrance of the supermarket?

Date:2023.03.16   Views:25


With the improvement of people's living standards and the change of family education concept, indoor playground is also recognized and liked by more and more parents and children. The demand for indoor playground in the market is also increasing, which makes many investors and entrepreneurs regard indoor playground as an ideal investment project.

Whether the indoor playground can continue to operate and whether entrepreneurs can obtain considerable profits depends largely on site selection. How about opening a children's playground at the entrance of the supermarket? Next, Qilong Amusement Group will analyze it from the following three aspects.

1、 Development prospects
On the one hand, from the perspective of the development prospects of the supermarket indoor playground, although the Internet economy has had a great impact on the real economy such as supermarkets, it cannot completely replace the real economy after all.

The convenience and timeliness of supermarkets are still irreplaceable by the Internet economy. Supermarkets are still the first choice of most families for leisure shopping, and the fun of playing in the children's playground is also irreplaceable.

2、 Consumption demand
Most of the consumers facing the supermarket are families. Many parents take their children with them when shopping. Most of the children have no resistance to the indoor playground and are unwilling to leave when they see it. And now people's lives are relatively stable, and they have a certain economic capacity. They try to meet the needs of children in many times.

If the service management of the indoor playground is in place, many parents are willing to let their children play in the playground and buy by themselves, or after shopping, they can have a rest when their children play in the indoor playground. Just as the saying goes: those who win children will win the world. The proportion of children's business is increasing. The increase of high-income families will also bring huge consumption potential.

3、 Site advantages
The core of indoor playground is passenger flow. In terms of location, most supermarkets are located in areas with dense traffic and convenient transportation. If they are located at the entrance and exit of the supermarket, people will pass through the children's playground when entering and leaving the supermarket, and the exposure rate is very high. The location is prominent enough to attract children's eyes more often, which is of great benefit to children's playground.

Therefore, it is ideal to open an indoor playground at the entrance of the supermarket. Although the rent cost of the supermarket is relatively higher, it will bring more chances of success. Whether in the first-tier and second-tier supermarkets or the third-tier and fourth-tier city supermarkets, the profit margin of indoor playground is very large. In addition, the supermarket has a large flow of people and a large number of customer groups that can be transformed. As long as the later operation is done well, profitability is not a problem.

So, what is the appropriate area for opening the indoor playground at the entrance and exit of the supermarket? The operator can observe the surrounding conditions, see how many people live around the supermarket, how much consumption capacity, how big the supermarket is, how influential it is, and how many people come to the supermarket, and then select the appropriate area according to the actual situation.
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