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How to check and maintain the playground equipment

Date:2022.09.26   Views:508


In the current environment, children's playground equipment is becoming more and more popular in the market. 

Whether it is a park, a children's playground, or a shopping mall, there are children's expansion equipment. 

Below, we shared with you about the playground equipment inspection, repair and maintenance methods tips.

A.Check on time

Check the structure of each part of the equipment once a week, if the screws are loose or damaged, 

they should be removed and improved immediately before starting business.

B.Check key parts

Before each use, inspect all wear and loose parts of fasteners, wire ropes on corresponding rods,

 wire rope clamps, pulley parts, wire rope turnbuckles, bow shackles. 

When the wear of the safety equipment exceeds 1/10 of the original, it should be renewed: 

If the wire rope has broken strands, the loose parts should be renewed,

 tightened and locked when the number of broken strands exceeds 1/10 of the total number of strands of the wire rope. 

Inspectors should wear seat belts and helmets during their work.

C.Anticorrosion treatment of metal parts

Columns and beams are subjected to anti-corrosion treatment every six months;

 the welding parts of the wire rope lugs should be inspected once a month; 

when the corrosion depth exceeds 1/10 of the steel pipe wall thickness, 

it should be replaced. Before each workout, check the hoop of the horizontal bar to see if it moves freely on the beam. 

If it is found that it is difficult to move, it should be lubricated in time.