Trampoline park maintenance method

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Trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular all over the world, so many people want to open trampoline park. But how to maintain after the amusement park?

The daily maintenance of the trampoline is much simpler, but you need to do the maintenance usually.

1. Daily cleaning of debris on the trampoline to prevent hard objects from injuring children;

2. Check if there is any looseness in the connection of the trampoline. If there is any looseness, you should promptly notify the manufacturer to repair or do it yourself to determine its normal use.

3. Regularly check whether there is any damage on the trampoline mats, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately;

4. Regularly clean the trampoline mats surface. The treatment method can be dry with a vacuum cleaner or a wet towel.

5, Spring inspection (used 300,000 times): whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; spring static state, there is no stretch of the spring can continue to use, there is stretch means that the use of time has expired, need to be replaced;

6、Trampoline mat surface inspection: Whether there is a crack in the surface, whether it is off the line, whether the mosaic of the Velcro patch is not aligned correctly;

7, trampoline soft pad: whether the surface is damaged cracks, tailors off the line, whether the sponge inside the soft package shift (with a shift to open the zipper rearranged neatly), soft bag and Velcro seam is not aligned with the movement (There are misaligned movements, re-adhesive alignments, and neat alignments).

8, steel frame inspection: whether there is a loose place screws, steel pipe fracture.

9. Foam pit: Clean up once a month, remove all the sponges, clean the bottoms, and scrub the underside of the pool.

10. Between the wall and the equipment: Check whether the wall material falls off at the link.

11, Net: whether the network is loose, there are fractures.

12. Regularly disinfect and clean the mattress surface and mattress

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