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Top 10 Ways To Promote Trampoline Park Daily Marketing

Date:2019-07-24 10:52:28 click:442

The main purpose of the trampoline park's promotion campaign is to improve the image and popularity of the park.

Or to increase the park's short-term turnover. There are many ways to promote sales.

The most important thing is to match the goal of promotion to achieve the purpose of promotion.

1. Coupons

Coupons are a common way of promotion, but they will affect the brand image of the park.

Therefore, when doing promotion in this way, we should try our best to make use of the value of specific objects and coupons

To reduce the opposite effect. Magazine coupons can often increase the awareness of trampoline park brand advertising.

2. Gift certificates,

A gift certificate is also a way to reduce the price, but it needs to improve the design and printing quality of the gift certificate

To give it a sense of class. Advertising combined with gift certificates can stimulate consumers to experience the store.

3. Gift

If the way to do promotional gifts, then the trampoline park promotional activities in the gift selection is very important,

A gift of too little value will cause disgust among consumers,

No creative gifts will affect the bad impression of the brand.

The gift should reflect the trampoline brand and its style quality, avoid the reaction.

4. Draw

The sweepstakes have an immediate promotional effect, with advertising and exciting sweepstakes,

It does increase consumer interest and understanding of the park, and,

Sweepstakes are often a way to build popularity. But the vast majority of consumers,

A sense of loss may occur.

5. Guessing

Instant games, such as guessing correct Numbers, are mainly for short-term effects and do not help the image of the park.

But because it is interesting, it will not destroy the park's brand image. Question-and-answer puzzles,

It allows players to learn something about the puzzle, and it may increase consumers' understanding of the park,

Good for trampoline park brand image.

6. Game

It's because it USES intelligence, physical strength or skill, not just luck,

People have a sense of unearned, so in the form of promotional activities, it is more meaningful

cars only the publication of the results can enhance the appeal of the park's advertising, such as naming contests,

Can quickly improve the brand awareness and consumer understanding of the park.

7. Keep buying incentives

The park's loyal fans will continue to spend money without using incentives.

But the average consumer prefers an immediate return,

So by continuing to buy incentives to maintain consumer loyalty to the brand,

Not necessarily more effective than advertising. But when it comes to raising the brand's image goals with the park ads,

Use this method to help with marketing.

8. Value-added service package

Value-added services are the add-ons that modern consumers like and pursue.

At the initial opening stage of the park, consumers can feel that this activity is very capable of attracting fans.

Can make good use of, cooperate with advertisement to stimulate consumer's consuming desire.

9. Play experience

It's rarely counter-productive to promote something as trial experience,

Unless the amusement park itself is not interesting, but because of the high cost of trying out the experience,

Therefore, in this way of promotion, we must control the number of consumers and objects of the trial play experience.

10. Entertainment vouchers

Because of the positive connotations of culture, entertainment, and health,

Therefore, the way of giving out vouchers to consumers for promotion will not have a negative effect on advertising.

Moreover, it can improve the brand image and corporate image, which can be carried out simultaneously with brand advertising.

Strengthen the loyalty of consumers to achieve a short-term promotion effect.