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Five operational tricks for running a playground easier!

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With the liberalization of my country's "three-child policy" and the implementation of the "double reduction policy", the "children's economy" has heated up significantly, and the children's consumer market has become unprecedentedly hot, and more and more investors have joined the children's playground industry. However, if investors want to get more income, they need to work harder on the operation. Today, I will share with you some business skills to make your children's playground more competitive and popular.

The design of the entrance is very important to the amusement park. 

The eye-catching door can bring many children, so generally choose brighter colors and decorations to attract children's attention,

 and then enter the store to try out the experience, try to use it for customers as much as possible. 

Small cost in exchange for maximum hidden value!


Opening publicity

The promotion and promotion of the children's park can be operated in stages. 

The promotion before operation should focus on expanding resources, 

and deepen the impression and effect by converting advertisements in exchange for experience and giving small gifts. 

In the middle and late stages of operation, the focus of publicity should be on the handling of membership cards, 

so as to better transform fixed resources and achieve rapid return of funds.

Membership card is recognized as a great way to attract consumers and increase turnover.

It can be used as a discount for member recharge and ticket purchase, or as a reward for member consumption points, etc., 

to attract consumers to continue to spend. 

Although it is not difficult to make a membership card, the membership card system must be done well, 

and attention must be paid to the maintenance of the membership system, and must not be careless!

Regularly holding preferential activities and parent-child activities can increase the popularity of children's parks, 

so as to keep children's amusement parks fresh. Some small activities can be regularly organized in the park, 

such as a series of activities such as parent-child activities, theme activities, birthday parties, etc., 

and some interactive competitions can also be held to increase the playability and interest.

Diversified profit channels-Parent-child restaurants and birthday areas are good choices.

At the same time, it can also come with some maternal and infant products, educational handmade toys, 

children's food and beverage snacks, etc.

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