Naughty fort equipment daily maintenance and maintenance

Date:2017-09-20 12:00:00 click:225

Naughty fort equipment daily maintenance and maintenance


How should equipment and routine maintenance be performed? Today,  Josie will share with you how to carry out the daily maintenance of naughty Fort equipment and maintenance.

1. the plastic parts of the castle and glass fiber can be diluted with soap, water and bleaching powder. After soaking, use soft cloth or soft brush to scrub, rinse with clean water, dry or dry with clean cloth. Finally, disinfect with disinfectant.

2. sponge parts can be soft cloth dipped soapy water, or placed in the sun disinfection.

3., wet, heat resistant, non fading wooden parts, can be washed by soap bubbles, dried, and then disinfected with disinfectant spray.

4. metal parts such as rust should be promptly removed, available iron brush rust, wipe with a dry cloth, brush varnish paint dry after disinfection.

5. live part of the cleaning, first of all to ensure that power failure, no watering, cloth dipped in alcohol scrub clean, dry until after the power supply.

6. all recreational equipment, open-air slide, drill tube parts should not be in the rain after the water, if there should be timely drainage.

7. if it is indoor activities room, ground, walls and so on, daily ultraviolet radiation disinfection, indoor ventilation. The fixed cycle is sprayed with hydrogen peroxide once.

Of course, disinfection at the same time must also check the naughty Fort equipment connection part is solid, metal frequently moving parts, refueling parts, circuit, electrical and general components are damaged.