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New trampoline park- QILONG JUMPING ISLAND

Date:2019-06-24 03:41:03 click:832

This trampoline park in Yantai, Shandong Province has joined us in the 365 stretch island trampoline park of Qilong. 

This time the joining is very successful and the business is very well. Then let me  introduce the brand of our 365 stretch island trampoline park.

Why do you want to be a brand, what is the meaning of joining?
A, the brand is to let the company go further, more stable and healthier.
B, joining is the innovation of the times, is a new starting point from the traditional sales!

a) How do you join the park and what benefits do you enjoy?

1, buy the company's equipment, promote the company's brand, fulfill the company's requirements, you can become the company's franchisee.
2, after joining the headquarters will play the role of escort.
3, you can enjoy less detours and directly achieve profitability.

b) What are the conditions for joining a company's brand?

1, first of all, any service is not free, franchisees must add some extra costs while purchasing equipment. (The fee is included in the device)
2, the operation is hierarchical, and different operating plans are formulated according to the price signed by the customer.
3, the service is time-based, if you exceed the company's time limit, you have to charge a fee. (based on area and distance)

c) What is a service?

1. The additional condition that the customer needs in addition to the equipment is the service.
2, the market needs a perfect function is the service.