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Germany TUV Certifier Manager Mr. Gerd Reimann visit our factory

Date:2019-12-13 04:30:36 click:754

 This week,Germany TUV Certifier Manager Mr. Gerd Reimann visit our factory,This is not an annual inspection at the factory twice this year,

When it arrives in the workshop, he is so careful, large machine, small screw. At the thickness, the warehouse was turned upside down by them and turned upside down for all day.

 There were 2 long wooden boards that were 0.2 mm apart. He tell us change right now

When finish the check,he is satisfied about our factory,he say have many factory need to check,our factory is so good

Now our production manager Zeng Xiangxiang is so excellent,when you scan the QR code or enter zeng xiang xiang,it will appear our engineer information.

Now our factory have 2 people test the Germany TUV indoor playground certificate.