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Global raw materials are rising.

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According to the price monitoring of the business agency, on February 23, 2021, 

the Shanghai and Shenzhen raw material prices rose and fell a total of 57 commodities,

 which were concentrated in the chemical sector (23 kinds in total) and non-ferrous metals (10 kinds in total), 

with an increase of 5% The above commodities are mainly concentrated in the chemical sector;

 the top 3 commodities with gains are TDI (19.28%), 

phthalic anhydride (9.31%), and OX (9.09%). The average daily increase and decrease was 1.42%.

As for the playground equipment(indoor and outdoor playground):

The price of PE surged by 8.06%, the price of PP rose by 7.18%, and the price of PVC also closed strongly. 

Engineering plastic companies have recently issued price adjustment 

announcements one after another,including DuPont, SK, 

Nanya Plastics, BASF, Songyuan Group, Changchun Chemical 

and other companies, and their price increases have varied.

Trading Economics:

"Global Times": With the surge in demand, steel prices may hit a record high

"Irish Independent": Raw materials and tariffs make the cost of goods soar

"India Business Wire": Global iron ore prices jumped to highs in nearly ten years

British "Financial Times": Affected by supply bottlenecks, European factories increase commodity prices

American "Paint World" magazine: Haihong old man announces global price increase

Prices change every day, and there are different global issues every day.

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