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Xuzhou 2000sqm children's comprehensive indoor playground park

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The entire playground area is 1200m², consisting of sand pool, ball pool, stage, electric area,

 handicraft area, trampoline area, slide area, traffic town, toddler area and etc.

The double-layer play space adds to the fun of exploration, and the areas are

cleverly connected to create an immersive play experience.

The colorful ocean ball pool on the first floor is the most attractive.

An interactive ball projection is hung on the wall of the ocean ball pool.

 It is a multi-touch screen.

 Children can complete a variety of small games by throwing ocean balls.

There are bursts of applause from time to time in the middle of the park.

 A group of children sing and dance on the stage to their heart's content.

While showing their talents, they have gained friendship and cultivated a spirit of cooperation.

Who will become the next star of tomorrow?

The indoor playground structure area is a play area for improving courage.

 It is full of challenging level expansion, slides, and various climbing equipment,

allowing children to pursue a sense of excitement.

These interactive experiences can stimulate and exercise children's intellectual,

physical and psychological abilities in a balanced manner.

The Million Ocean Ball Pool is a popular amusement equipment item in shopping malls.

The components of the Million Ocean Ball Pool include devil slides, inflatable rock

climbing, ocean balls, ball pool guardrails, inflatable floats, etc.

Compared with the small ocean ball pool in the traditional indoor playground,

 the area of the million ocean ball pool is generally larger and there are more toys in it.

In addition to the items mentioned above, parents can also bring their children to the

trampoline area to release pressure, exercise, and experience the feeling of free jumping.

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