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Why should I wear anti-skid socks when going to the trampoline theme park?

Date:2023.01.18   Views:34


  Super trampoline theme park is a popular indoor children's entertainment project, which is popular in major cities across the country. Super big trampoline is actually a kind of sports. Super big trampoline is a comprehensive sports project that combines fitness, entertainment, viewing and competition. It is a good aerobic exercise, which is very helpful to people's body while entertaining. Super trampoline can promote blood circulation and enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. And then improve human immunity. Super trampoline is very popular with parents and children.

  The super big trampoline theme park of Qilong Amusement includes free bounce area, sponge pool, ninja space, dunk area, professional super big trampoline area, spider man, rock climbing, spider tower, dry snow slide, bubble football and other areas. Kaichen Amusement can customize the functional areas according to the needs of investors such as site size and capital budget.

  Qilong Amusement Super Trampoline Theme Park, whether it is spring, steel frame, super large trampoline soft bag, trampoline, or other supporting playground equipment, is made of imported high-quality materials, safe, environmentally friendly, solid and durable.

  Many people who first experience the super trampoline theme park will ask, why should we wear anti-skid socks to go to the super trampoline theme park? Can't you wear your ordinary socks? Today, Qilong Amusement will explain the reason to parents and friends.

  The super trampoline trampoline surface is made of pp nylon ribbon, with smooth surface. Children and parents have a lot of fun playing in it. They will sweat, and sweat will increase the smoothness of the jumping surface, which will bring unsafe factors to users. For safety reasons, users who enter the Super Trampoline Park need to wear anti-skid socks. Because of the rubber particles at the bottom, anti-skid socks can increase resistance and play a role in anti-skid. Parents must let children wear anti-skid socks before entering the super trampoline area to play.

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