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What does it take to open a trampoline

Date:2020-07-20 04:53:21 click:417

Recently, more people consult trampoline, a lot of investors looking at trampoline park market, always ask this question: open trampoline needs to meet what conditions?For example: How to choose the right venue?What are the site requirements?If you want to open a trampoline, I hope these questions will help you.

1. Prepare sufficient funds

How much does it cost to invest in a trampoline park? Generally speaking, the investment to open a trampoline park mainly includes the following aspects:

First, the rental of the venue

Second, store decoration

Third, the cost of trampoline equipment

Fourth, hardware costs

Fifth, operating and management costs

2. Site selection

The site selection of trampoline park plays a crucial role in the later operation. It is better to invest in a trampoline park in the surrounding or central areas surrounded by shopping malls, shopping centers, community clusters, schools and other institutions with concentrated human flow. These areas have their own flow, which can avoid a large amount of promotion costs in the later period.

Tere are a few things to consider when choosing a venue:

1. Site height

For children's venues, the net height of venues should be 4m, and for adults, the net height should be above 4.5m.The net height of the site proposed by us is above 5.2m, which is not subject to age limit, and some projects with high requirements on height are also not restricted.

2. Ground and columns

The ground should be smooth, well-ventilated and with as few columns as possible.Such a site will affect your trampoline design planning, site utilization and customer experience.

3. Site area

If the target age is 3-10 years old, 200-500㎡ can be made.For all ages, 600 + SQM is recommended.

The size of the indoor trampoline is recommended to be 600-2000 square meters or above, so that the customer experience can reach the best and quickly bring profits.

4, fire control 

A. There should be no less than two safety exits in the site. It is better to have one independent entrance and exit.The site must be provided with 1.5m to 1.8m safe passage and keep the evacuation passage unobstructed.

B. Electrical wiring must be laid in accordance with the requirements of the code, and the pipe should be in place. When high-power electrical appliances are used, sufficient distance should be kept from combustibles.

C. Equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lights and evacuation signs.

3. Consulting and handling relevant certificates

To open a trampoline, you need a business license, a fire control permit, a sanitation permit, etc.