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What are the characteristics of children's outdoor combined slides?

Date:2020-09-07 11:14:48 click:154

First, the parts are of good material

The components of different materials of the combined slide have different price points and different basic attributes. 

But to judge the quality of the material, we must also consider the smoothness, safety, environmental protection, and service life. 

It is best to have UV protection, because most of it is placed outdoors, and the skin does not fall off, does not fade, and is durable. 

Component material issues should be taken into consideration.

Second, there are many types of equipment

A single shape cannot meet the needs of investors, so try to choose a manufacturer with more equipment categories, which can provide

a variety of design solutions for equipment with different materials, and can design and develop new amusement equipment based on site type and area size.

The place of use is roughly divided into indoor and outdoor, but the available shapes and materials must be diversified.

Third, manufacturers use good materials

Some manufacturers make good use of this and make a fuss about internal structural material vendors, which consumers cannot see. 

So try to choose a merchant with good materials, don't blindly focus on the merchant's pictures, go to the factory as much as possible, 

and combine the actual cases provided by the merchant to understand the quality of the equipment.