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How much budget does the small trampoline hall need? What are the specific investment impacts?

Date:2023.01.06   Views:218

Nowadays, the amusement park industry is popular with consumers, especially the trampoline halls with entertainment and challenges. The investment of small trampoline halls is more appropriate, and the budget is required. These investors want to know. Now let's learn the specific details of the budget and the specific issues to be considered in the investment.

This document includes the following contents:

1. What are the costs

2. What are the equipment?

3. Is the management input large?

4. How to carry out publicity

First, what are the costs
The investment of small trampoline halls depends on the size of the venue and the size of the area. After all, the cost of the trampoline halls depends on the location and the rent. After the venue location and area size are determined, the venue will be decorated. These costs are fixed, depending on whether the area size is appropriate and the rent.

Second, what are the equipment?
In the trampoline hall, it is natural to purchase equipment, such as trampoline, and climbing over the wall. These are supporting equipment, especially the front desk cashier also needs investment. The cost accounting problem needs to be specifically budgeted. Only by considering the input of these equipment, can we know how much the budget is this time?

Third, is the management input large?
After the opening of the trampoline hall, there must be staff members. My family must not be able to do that. These personnel include coaches, money collectors, and cleaning personnel. Of course, it depends on the specific area of the venue and the size of the flow of people. If there are too many people, more people are needed. If there are relatively few people, there is no need for so many people, but these budget inputs are fixed.

Fourth, how to carry out publicity
According to the market promotion, we should do all kinds of activities in the early stage, and even do a good job of large-scale publicity. Only when we can reach a household name and have a better effect, can we attract more consumers to play. This kind of expense is also huge. After all, it is very effective for market promotion and network promotion. It can stimulate consumption through friends' praise or membership card processing to achieve the desired effect.

Knowing how much the investment budget of the small trampoline hall is, we can understand that the materials are made very well. It must be that the equipment is complete, there must be many patterns, and there must be a place to rest, so that we can create a better entertainment place and let consumers enjoy themselves.

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