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Super trampoline park notice board

Date:2020-08-14 03:01:57 click:79

Super trampoline park notice board

1. Visitors must abide by the safety instructions of each area in the venue, and the staff of the venue have the right to suspend or cancel their playing qualification in the venue. A kind of

2. The adult trampoline hall is not allowed to enter the gymnasium, which is less than 1.4 meters and more than 90 kilograms of minors, disabled persons, pregnant women, heart disease and other patients. A kind of

3. Children's trampoline hall must be 0.9-1.4 meters in height before children can enter. Children's trampoline hall must be supervised by parents. Parents can't play alone in the children's trampoline area. A kind of

4. Children under 12 years old should enter the stadium under the supervision of their parents. A kind of

5. When entering the venue, you should wear professional sports antiskid socks and do proper warm-up exercise, focusing on ankle, waist, neck, wrist and other parts. A kind of

6. Please clear the items in your pocket and keep your valuables well before entering the venue. If the equipment is damaged due to the items carried by the customers, compensation shall be made according to the price. A kind of

7. Please do not wear any ornaments or jewelry before entering the venue. Do not bring food, drinks, fragile articles, toys, sharp items, watches, glasses, lighters, etc. A kind of

8. Please do not touch or rely on the protective net and cushion hanging above. A kind of

9. Please do not chase and play in the venue, but play in the right way. A kind of

10. Do not do any dangerous actions, such as somersault, rotation, back somersault, etc. without basic and self-protection ability. A kind of

11. Avoid more than one person to exercise on the same trampoline. The staff will properly remind you of the sports essentials. All consequences caused by your refusal have nothing to do with the venue. A kind of

12. It is forbidden to accept the teaching and guidance of non professional coaches of the venue. The customer shall bear the consequences arising therefrom. A kind of

Please read the admission notes carefully and sign the safety responsibility agreement. Happy city Carnival super trampoline Park wish you a good time.