Qilong Amusement--National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Date:2019-04-12 03:40:05 click:360

Today, our company has several heavyweights, all of whom are national sports quality supervisors.

 We are going to test our products. We are not afraid of it. 

Our products are tested every year to see the size is accurate to millimeters.

 The size of each device, the material thickness of each product are recorded one by one,.

OMG is too thin, but fortunately our equipment is done according to international standards, the quality is no problem.

It is worthy of the national sports quality supervision, the material requirements are also extremely high, good products, good materials, can stand the test,
Even the pitch of the stair handrails must be made according to the precise and safe size. 

We are all in the first place for safety.

 We are responsible to the customer and responsible for the Qilong.

Not to mention the devil slides, our heights are all based on international proportions. 

This height is not what we say. 

The country gives us numbers. 

We are all completely produced according to the national sports test numbers! 

The sliding surface of the devil slide is also imported linen slippery surface.


The trampoline is no problem, 4 fat papers have about 150 pounds, 4 have 600 pounds of OMG, a face, ah, 4 adults, 600 pounds, 

let me lie for a while, this is not necessary to test, finish It’s completely up to the standard, and it’s still beyond it.