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How to grasp the key points in the management of trampoline flight projects, and what problems need high attention?

Date:2022.11.30   Views:111


  Trampoline flight project is a new game launched by Children's Paradise in recent years. It focuses on novelty, excitement and courage. After its launch, it was welcomed by children. This kind of difficult outdoor expansion game, based on high safety, combined with the bouncing ability of the trampoline, bound the safety belt for children to jump to a very high place, bringing a different game experience. The project was a sensation once it was launched, It also allows children to queue up for experience. However, we should attach great importance to the issues that need attention in the operation process of the project.

First, safety first
  Children basically have no sense of fear and a strong sense of exploration. When encountering stimulus projects, they certainly want to experience them. However, the project operator needs to know that children's physical endurance is relatively weak and they are vulnerable to injury. Some barriers should be set up for different age groups. For example, the game is only open to children aged 4 to 8 years old. A special person must be arranged around each trampoline to take care of it. To ensure that everyone has one post, no one will not provide services.

Second, the effectiveness of the equipment
  High strength equipment needs to bear a large impact. Although the design and manufacture of the manufacturer have followed certain specifications, accidents may become more and more likely with the increase of service life. Routine inspection should be carried out before opening every day. Adults should first do a group of exercises to make sure that they are safe before opening business. When the night project is not open, there should be stationed personnel to avoid the damage to the facilities caused by idle people, Cause the accident on the second day.

Third, research on new equipment

  The designers of the game constantly introduce the updated version of the project to the market. The trampoline flying project is also constantly being revised. The update is exciting and attractive, and the safety will also increase. The project operators need to understand the development trend and really keep pace with the market. It is found that children's parks that stick to the rules and remain unchanged will eventually decline, and the number of customers will decrease. Only by constantly introducing new projects, Only when the children's paradise is always new can there be a long-term passenger flow.


  The trampoline flight project was first promoted from big cities to the second and third tier. Every day, children are eager to see it, while parents repeatedly remind the staff that safety needs to be guaranteed. Such an exciting project can bring huge economic benefits. We can't help admiring the original efforts of the project designer, but if we want to operate the project for a long time, we must grasp the above issues.

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