Fire retardant and fireproof test of material in amusement equipment

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Nowadays, more and more children's parks have become more popular in major shopping malls, large supermarkets and some stores.

The indoor children's amusement park is mainly made up of soft materials, and the main materials are galvanized steel pipes, wood boards, sponges, and PVC skins, floor mats, etc. What we can see on the outside is that it has been soft-wrapped in PVC. The material inside is not visible at all. The outermost PVC skin is most easily exposed to children.

If the awareness of fire prevention is not strong, this skin is also very easy to catch fire. It is flammable.

On March 25th, in Kemerovo, a city in the southern part of Western Siberia, Russia, smoke blew up in the shopping center. The shopping center named “Cherry in the Winter” and the fire was located in the top-level children’s play area. About 1,500 square meters, has caused 64 deaths, more than 50 injured to the doctor. At present, four people involved in the case are being detained by criminals.

Therefore, we suggest that if you want to open a children's soft indoor playground, then must choose good quality, good reputation and good manufacturers.

To choose the manufacturers who use environmentally friendly and flame retardant material during production process.

Qilong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. directly demonstrated the flame-retardant material of PVC material on March 27 under the supervision of QC personnel. If you wanna to see the video, please contact us.

From the video, you can see that the fire is flame-retardant, and the PVC skin is burned but the lighter is turned off and the flame goes out. This is otherwise spread and burning.

We believe that this PVC skin is the most important in terms of fire protection because it is exposed to the outermost layer. If accidental fire occurs, the first contact is PVC skin. If the skin is flame-retardant, maybe the fire is just Can't burn.

In addition to this PVC skin, we also gave advice to you who want to open amusement parks.

1: Amusement park selection. Please choose the first layer of the store or the second floor or the third floor. The fourth floors or more or the basement is not suitable for opening a playground. Because if there is a fire in the park, it is not easy to evacuate because the amusement parks are all children.

2: The fire protection of amusement parks must be noted and strictly enforced.

3: Be sure to ask shop staff to know the awareness of fire protection and to have more drills.

4: The sign of safe exit must be in place

5: Strict children or parents with sharp and lighter approach.

Security is all about doing business and passing happiness to every child playing.

We hope that everyone's business is getting better and better! Business is booming