QILONG Newest Product-Big Volcano

Date:2018-06-14 11:12:13 click:214

QILONG Newest Product-Big Volcano

Good news from QILONG!

In order to offer better service for customer, our factory have made out the Volcano.

I have attached the volcano photo and detail data as follow:

size A:the volcano diameter is 700cm. The platform height about 260cm to 290cm. The top fence height about 150cm.

size B:the volcano diameter is 800cm, the platform height about 300cm to 320cm, the top fence height about 150cm.

The main structure can be adjust by hydraulic control. The volcano use by 0.9mm PVC leather. 

The plastic tube slide material made by LLDPE plastic import from the Republic of Korea.

If you want to place order this, please contact us!