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Cool Estonian trampoline park

Date:2019-08-21 05:48:12 click:950

Estonia, along with Latvia and Lithuania to the south, is known as the three Baltic states.Estonia is located on the eastern shore of the Baltic sea, on the southern shore of the gulf of Finland, bordering the Riga gulf to the southwest, and bordering Latvia and Russia to the south and east.



The trampoline set is not very big, but it is small and exquisite, and the design is various, including beehive trampoline and tetris trampoline, boxing match pool, rock climbing and building block pool, and a ninja area, each item is enough for these children to play for half a day.


Children from hanging on a rod in turn through to the last one foot jump, climb to the second level, feet grabs with both hands to hang in the air of a net, through the body's slide, shaking hands caught in front of a net to find a way to drill/climb over the past, come to the third level, feet trample on the hanging ring, hand clenched suspension rope, moving forward through body shaking, arriving at the fourth shut, the feet and hands pull on the top bar, in order to the finish.

Ninja area is very challenging, this project looks simple, play really not simple, adults may not be able to break through the pass success, do not believe, go to the trampoline hall try.

What does it take to build something this fun?Contact me and I'll tell you.