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1500㎡ Trampoline park in india

Date:2022.11.23   Views:118

fun sports release stress

Keep fit, suitable for all ages

Come to the trampoline park that is popular all over the Internet

Unlock N+1 ways to release stress

This is not only a gathering place with good friends, but also a good place for company team building

All safe and high-quality entertainment equipment are used here

Safe to use, regular disinfection, sponge body care

With the help of the coach, it is not a dream to let you fly。

project 1:sky- rider

A sky-high zip line

Let you experience the feeling of "God"!

It allows you to overlook the scenery of the entire park from a height

real exciting, right~

This is the legendary high-altitude zip line!

This height, this length, let you experience the feeling of flying

project2:rainbow slide

Devil's slide up to several meters

slide down from the top

You can feel the slight weightlessness

project 3:soft membrane platform

Soft film platform jumping is also a stress-relieving project

You can choose the height of the platform according to your tolerance

Use gravity to accelerate and throw away the troubles in life

Let yourself feel relaxed and happy

project 4:spider tower

Players who like to find the thrill of weightlessness

Never miss this [Spider Tower] that fell to the bottom

Relax your body and lean back, passing through the layers of mesh body protection

Falling onto the trampoline in seconds!

project 5:trampoline park

Except for the spider tower of course

I have to mention free trampoline and professional trampoline

Looking around, the trampoline occupies more than half of the entire site

Can unlock all kinds of tricks

Warm up for beginners

Just jump on the free trampoline and have fun

Whether it's the dance of demons

Or carnival alone can be very exciting

project 6:slam dunk

if you are a basketball fan

So can you challenge yourself with a trampoline shot?

Variety of fancy dunks

Let you surpass Sakuragi Flower Road

project7:ninja course

A project that combines running, jumping and climbing

It is also a special test of people's balance

It is a more recreational fitness program

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