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What's your ideas on the location of indoor amusement park?

Date:2021-01-28 03:24:30 click:27

Judging from the current investment market, more and more people choose to open children’s parks to start businesses.

For entrepreneurs who want to open children’s parks, it is indispensable to consider the opening of a children’s park. 

So what is the right place to open a children’s park? ? Qilong has summarized the following points for you.

1. Comprehensive shopping mall

This kind of mall is generally classified clearly, eating, drinking, playing and shopping are integrated,

 so the crowd in this kind of mall is generally relatively prosperous, and there are separate floors for children
The special area is Yangdi's first choice for indoor children's playgrounds. Of course, there are some things to pay 

attention to when opening children's playgrounds in shopping malls to avoid unnecessary losses and troubles in the operation process.

2. Rental shopping malls. 

Generally, the rental cost of this kind of shopping mall is not too high at the beginning. 

Once the investment is successful, the popularity will be great. For those concerned about the rental cost, you can choose site.

3. Supermarket-type shopping malls are generally very popular, but it is difficult to settle in. If possible, it is the best choice for indoor children's playgrounds.

4. Living quarters.

Which gather a large number of fixed groups of people and target groups. The living quarters are related to people's daily life. 

People can visit them when they go out, which is more convenient than playing in the park.

6. Large squares or parks, such places are also quite crowded, and can be used as the focus.

7. Kindergarten or near the kindergarten
The main consumer of children's amusement equipment is children. It is also a very good choice 

if you can find a children's amusement equipment venue around the kindergarten.