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What is the high-end customized indoor playground? popularization of science

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The so-called high-end refers to high-end, high-consumption and high-priced products, which are also very exquisite and beautiful in appearance. The construction cost of high-end children's amusement park is higher than that of ordinary children's amusement park, which is the best in terms of grade, decoration, equipment and scale. The investment cost of this kind of children's amusement park is definitely higher than that of ordinary indoor playground.

What is the high-end customized indoor playground? Qilong Amusement Group will introduce to you:

The main color can be the color you like (but it should be consistent with children's). The space layout of the site is clear, novel, and reasonably planned. With the design concept of Morandi color matching, it supports the customization of the Makaron series of children's parks. The design is lively and lovely, full of cartoon style, and the multicolor appearance can make children feel more intimate.

The location of high-end children's park must be a place with high consumption level, such as shopping malls and supermarkets in first-tier and second-tier cities. Of course, some places in third-tier and fourth-tier cities also have high consumption level, so we should adjust measures to local conditions.

The ticket price of high-end indoor playground will not be the ordinary price, so there are certain requirements on the consumption level. The appropriate location of high-end indoor playground is a large supermarket, with the same consumption level, which can achieve mutual benefit and attract a large number of people.

The characteristic of indoor playground is not imitation, but "learning from innovation and breakthrough", combining with the scale and equipment characteristics of its own indoor playground, injecting new elements, and creating an exclusive, unique and difficult to copy indoor playground decoration style.

The decoration design of high-end indoor playground is also quite exquisite. Free WiFi and charging sockets, parents' rest area and cabinets for storing things are all necessary. In addition, the lighting and wall design are relatively high-end. It is better to decorate with theme style, which will make indoor playground more tall and elegant, and also cater to children's preferences.

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