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What are the amusement facilities for children to play with? Children's playground

Date:2023.06.15   Views:369

1、 Ocean Ball
Ocean ball is a standard feature in indoor playground. It can be paired with amusement devices such as slides, devil's slides, Zhiyong Dashong Pass, Rainbow Net, etc. The color of the ocean ball can be selected based on the overall style of the indoor playground. For the safety of children, the ocean ball is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials by blow molding. The size of the ball is 80mm, which can effectively prevent children from swallowing it.

2、 Sandbox
The sand in the sandbox is made of cassia seed or deep-sea white sand, which is not touched by hands and will not stain clothes. Children love to play with mud and sand, but they are always scolded by parents because they can dirty their clothes and hands.
The emergence of sand pools can be said to be a blessing for children. The "sand" in the sand pool is made of cassia seed or deep-sea white sand, which does not stick to hands or dirty clothes. You can play as you want, without worrying about being scolded by your parents again.

3、 Electric amusement equipment
Electric amusement devices are a highly anticipated presence in indoor children's playgrounds. Uniform rotation, loop playing of beautiful nursery rhymes, and dazzling screen images always capture the hearts of children easily.

4、 Slide
There are many types and styles of slides in indoor playground, including straight slides, rotating slides, spiral full tube slides, and individual small combination slides.

5、 Wisdom and Courage Challenge
There are layers of levels set up on the platform, waiting for children to pass through one by one. In indoor children's playgrounds, two or three story structures are common. On platforms on the second or third floor, children will encounter numerous challenges such as drilling holes, boxing bags, single wooden bridges, grid bridges, and swing bridges. It is like an adventure, stimulating and thrilling, while also experiencing the joy and surprise of successful challenges.

6、 Children's Doll Home
The children's doll house is designed with supporting facilities as its design element, equivalent to a miniature social living environment. Here are "hospitals", "police stations", "supermarkets", "post offices", "banks", and so on. Children can transform into "little doctors" to treat "patients"; You can go to the "bank" to withdraw money; You can also go to "McDonald's" to eat your favorite "hamburgers" and "French fries" Children's dolls provide a realistic scenario playing environment for children's role-playing, and are a good helper for children's daily life.

7、 Children's simulated driving school
The traffic simulation runway is modeled based on the urban traffic environment, with gray car runways, white pedestrian zebras, red, yellow, and green traffic signals, traffic police command stations, and more, truly restoring the urban traffic environment. Let children learn by playing. With traffic simulation runways, parents no longer have to worry about their children learning traffic rules.
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