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We plan to open a children's park. Where can I buy indoor children's park equipment?

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Indoor playground not only creates happiness for children, but also brings business opportunities to many entrepreneurs. Many people do not want to go to work and start indoor playground, and many people succeed and earn money. Now, the COVID-19 epidemic policy is also open, which is even more good news for indoor playground. No wonder so many people have taken a fancy to the indoor playground market. With regard to investment in indoor playground, where do you buy indoor recreation equipment?

If you choose to join the indoor playground, you don't need to worry about where to buy the indoor amusement equipment, because all the participating brands have their own factories and can customize the indoor amusement equipment themselves, and there is no middleman to make a difference in price. The price is very affordable. Take Qilong Amusement Group for example, its own factories directly supply equipment, professional designers, and free people do site planning, and provide you with high-quality design for free, Successful cases are exported from the whole store, with a professional R&D and production team, which can customize the production according to your requirements. The key is that there is no franchise fee yet, and successful experience is copied, which is a good choice for inexperienced or novice.

If you don't choose to join in the indoor playground, you need to find the indoor amusement equipment channel to purchase. What are the indoor amusement equipment purchase channels?

Second-hand transfer, indoor amusement equipment manufacturers, online and so on can be used. Different channels have different characteristics. For example, secondhand transfer may be very cheap, but there is no quality assurance. The products are ready-made and cannot be designed according to the size of the site. We do not recommend such channels.

Indoor amusement equipment manufacturers, if they can find high-quality and reliable indoor amusement equipment manufacturers, they can also guarantee the product quality, but there is no operation guidance, only provide equipment

The equipment bought on the internet also has no quality assurance. It is also troublesome to maintain the equipment in the later stage. It is also a waste of time to not see the physical objects, but only see the pictures to judge the quality of the equipment. If it is not suitable, it is necessary to return it.

The above are the channels for purchasing indoor amusement equipment in the indoor playground. As for which channel to buy, I believe everyone has a clear idea. Only by choosing the right one can we create more profits for the later operation.

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