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How to ensure the safety of trampoline park equipment?

Date:2021-02-02 11:14:14 click:235

Not only children love trampolines, many adults also love this new type of entertainment facility, but it is inevitable that there will be some safety problems when it is used, so it is very important for operators to pay attention to safety issues. After all, it is useless to regret after something has happened. Only by taking precautions can you solve the problem and minimize the loss. In addition to insurance, you should also do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of each piece of equipment.

Choose high-quality safety equipment

The safety quality of the equipment is the basis for the stable operation of a trampoline park. Only high-quality safety facilities can guarantee the safe use of each equipment, and the insurance company can safely insure you. If the equipment is broken, it will definitely be rejected Guaranteed.

Regular inspection and maintenance

The most important thing for the operator is to ensure the safety of the equipment, especially the daily maintenance and maintenance work must not be careless, the stability of its internal structure, the safety of the connecting parts and the packaging of metal materials Protection and so on will cause certain hidden safety hazards. During maintenance, inspections must be emphasized. In addition, the safety of related supporting facilities is also very important.

Improve emergency handling capabilities

Even with good safety guarantees, some accidents are still unavoidable. Under such circumstances, it is very important to do the follow-up work to improve the service personnel's ability to deal with unexpected situations, such as small bumps; If it is more serious, you should contact the hospital in time for treatment.

Whether users operate the equipment strictly in accordance with relevant standards will also affect entertainment safety, especially for some children, parents should take good care of them, and provide guidance and assistance.