Playground project purchasing service process

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The society is advancing, and people's living standards are improving. But the space for children to play is getting smaller and smaller. Indoor soft playground project came into being. Indoor soft playground aims at children's love of jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, and rocking. Clever use of the combination of sound, light, electricity, water, and color creates a fun, sports, puzzle, and fitness program. A new generation of children's activity center.Parents from all over the world also pay more and more attention to this problem, and more and more people are beginning to prepare for an amusement park. Here we briefly introduce the simple process of opening an amusement park.
1. Find a credible high quality manufacturer, like Qilong Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd
2. Project communication: initial communication with manufacturer to understand your own needs and project related situations.

3. Field survey:
A, Prepare a site plan (your graphics, hand drawing), the need to mark a detailed size, such as the length and width of the site, the location of the site in the column, the size of the column, and other conditions in the site. So manufacture can understand the condition of the site directly through the plan, and communicate with you through telephone and online tools.
B, Customer need to survey the site, measure the actual size of the site, and communicate in person.
4, plan: through early communication and understanding of the situation of the site, for the customer to make a preliminary plan, manufacture designer according to the customer's site, demand, budget, the design of the effect plan.

5, the project review: the customer to the preliminary project review, if the customer's case is not satisfied, we can make the reasonable plan adjustment according to the customer's request, further improve, until the customer satisfaction, determine the final plan.
6, the quotation is determined: according to the final plan confirmed by the customer, the quotation is made.
7, confirm cooperation: confirm the quotation and sign the purchase contract, arrange the production.
8, transportation and installation: production and delivery is completed within the agreed time of delivery. We will arrange the installation according to the confirmation plan.
9, after sales service: we have a professional after-sale team to provide customers with a full range of after-sales service.