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Slides for children's growth

Date:2019-07-24 10:45:28 click:739

Slides for children's growth in children's development, games and learning are crucial to provide some good opportunities and the game environment is the most direct way you can get them to be the first stage of life games and learning fundamentals purpose.

Through the game, children can not only exercise, develop motor skills, improve their balance and coordination, sense and social activities, students learn, stimulate their potential, improve their cognitive and language skills. As the saying goes: "Seven sit, eight climb" When your baby will play, then, in the spring season, Mom and Dad can take the baby to the children's playground. On the one hand, exercise your baby's body to improve its mobility; let the baby observe the child's activities on the other hand stimulate the baby's desire to play the slide.
           Here are a few ways:
1, slide with the help of adults.. When the baby can sit still, Mom and Dad can bring the baby to play the slide. Dad or mother is holding the baby sitting on the slide, hands on the baby from the sliding down the arm, his mouth said: "Hey, the plane flies. When the baby has several experiences, just put the baby on the slide, mother kneels Part of the slide, Dad took care of the baby on the slide, and the parents standing next to it let her slide disappointed.
2, the baby can stagger when walking, mother and dad can take the child to play low, gently tilt the slide. The baby in the mother's hand, according to his arm, helps the baby climb to the top of the slide and encourages your child to come down (Mom and Dad can't push the baby, the slide on the slide before the check is smooth, there are no stains on both sides).
 3. When the baby can play a big slide, let her climb down on the slides and slides.
4, play slides with your friends. Parents take the baby to the children's park to play slides with my friends, the interaction between the baby initiative and the companions, to cultivate the child's self-humility. It can also be used to encourage language to introduce the baby: "Beautiful, little brother playing, okay?" If the baby and the companion are particularly good at playing the slide, Mom and Dad can give your baby the right encouragement.