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Safe production should also pay attention to safe use of electricity

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When using appliances, do not use too many appliances in the same power strip.It can lead to short circuit, tripping and even fire due to too much power.Here are a few caveats

1, do not put the mobile phone bedside charging
2, lighting away from the cloth
3. Use electric heating equipment carefully
4. Unplug used electrical appliances in time

5. Check the dormitory plug irregularly

ine tips for escaping from a fire
1. When a fire strikes, escape quickly. Don't be greedy for possessions.
2. Family members should know the basic methods of fire escape and be familiar with several escape routes.
3. When threatened by the fire, immediately put on wet clothes and bedding and rush out to the exit direction.
4. When escaping through the smoke, keep your body as close to the ground as possible and cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel.
5. Do not run when you are on fire, but roll on the spot or use heavy clothes to crush the flames
6. In case of fire, do not take the elevator. Escape to the exit.
7. Do not open the door when it is burning outside to prevent the fire from entering the room.Use damp bedding, clothing, etc. To plug the window cracks, and splash water to cool down.
8. If all escape routes are blocked by fire, immediately return to the room and send a distress signal to the window by shining a flashlight, waving clothes, calling, etc., and wait for rescue.
9. Do not blindly jump off a building, you can use the evacuation stairs, balconies, downpipes and other escape for yourself.Also can use rope or tear sheet, bedding strip into a rope, tightly tied in the window frame, central heating pipe and other fixed things, with towel, cloth and other protection of the palm, along the rope slide down, or down to the floor without fire out of danger.

Safe use of fire, electricity, gas and warmth
Not only with each person's own life,
Property safety is closely related,
It is also a harmonious neighborhood,

Things that matter to you and others.