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Lantern Festival

Date:2021.02.26   Views:593

Today is the first traditional festival after the Chinese New Year ----- the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival.

The 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar and one of the traditional Chinese festivals. 

The first month is the first month of the lunar calendar. The ancients called "night" as "xiao". 

The 15th day of the first month is the first full moon night of the year.

Therefore, the 15th day of the first month is called the "Lantern Festival". 

The custom of enthusiastic and festive viewing of lanterns is dominated.

The meaning of eating "tangyuan" during the Lantern Festival is said to have existed since the Song Dynasty.

The black one inside is sesame, it tastes sweet and delicious and was loved by people. 

“Tangyuan” is similar to the pronunciation of reunion in Chinese, so eating it during the Lantern Festival 

means a good wish for a family:reunion and peace.


(Guess the riddle)

On the Lantern Festival, you can also watch the lantern festival,

where people can guess lantern riddles and watch the lion dance, which is very lively.

After the Lantern Festival, the Chinese New Year holiday really ends, a new beginning.

Alicia wish you peace,joy,and happiness and everything all the best though Lantern

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