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Introduction to the basic knowledge of the trampoline park

Date:2019-07-24 11:08:39 click:426

Many people know the existence of the trampoline, but they don't know what it is for the trampoline park. Today, Mickey Xiaobian brings you relevant introductions and knowledge about the trampoline park. This form of trampoline park originated in the United States and quickly became popular in North America and Australia, becoming one of the most IN and HOT sports among North American teenagers.

The spirit of health, freedom, positive optimism, individual expression and teamwork demonstrated by the trampoline park is another perfect interpretation of the American spirit of innovation. With the help of the trampoline's elasticity, you can break away from the restraint of gravity and experience the joy of movement in a relaxed and free tumbling leap. At the same time, the softness and elasticity of the trampoline will greatly absorb the pressure exerted by the movement on the joint muscles of the limbs, greatly avoiding sports injuries. It is a form of exercise that is suitable for the fitness and entertainment needs of people of all ages.

Dodgeball (DODGE BALL)
Dodgeball is a game that requires a high degree of teamwork and strategic tactics. It is not only your physical strength and skill, but also your teammates!

Sponge pit (FOAM PIT)
Through the height and speed provided by the trampoline to help the runway, you can easily complete the bounce, fly, flip, drop and other actions, truly experience the pure happiness in the weightless state!

Slam Dunk Area (BASKETBALL)
Want to experience the thrill of the NBA master slam dunk? With the help of the trampoline in the trampoline area of the trampoline, you can bounce to the height of 3 meters and easily complete the dashing slam dunk in front of your friends.

Children's Jump (KIDS AREA)
Children's Bounce is a trampoline area for children under 1.15 meters. It includes a free trampoline area, a slope wall and a small sponge pit to let your baby fly freely in a safe and exclusive area.
At present, with the continuous updating and expansion of the project, many projects that were not originally in the trampoline have gradually been integrated into the trampoline, such as indoor expansion, Shaoguan, and Ninja Road.