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Kids mini traffic town/Driving School---Kids Indoor Playground

Date:2016-05-05 12:38:58 click:1173

         We are professional manufacturer of indoor playground for kids.  

         Children's Traffic Town Introduction : Traffic Town is modeling the real-life where children can driving car like people do in real life, which is equipped with a princess cars, real traffic lights, gas stations, voice toll stations, electric lift rod voice, LED tunnel lighting, washing room, traffic signs, traffic police station, DDP high imitation flooring line, a variety of traffic signs and markings and other educational facilities, this way it’s good for children to learn traffic law faster.

           Get these projects designed into it, because these are good which can help children learn how to distinguish the traffic lights, and know more about traffic knowledge, make sure they are safe when they are pass road or driving across,and know some new traffic signs and markings.After children had fun and experienced the town,it could help children know more about driving rules,and develop a safety consciousness in their mind.What this will do for your kids is making them have a good and safe traffic habit and a safety driving in their future.