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Internal management of children's playground

Date:2020-07-27 10:22:54 click:498

There are more and more people investing in children's parks, and the competition is getting fiercer. To stand out among the many children's parks, the internal management of the park is very important. Details determine success or failure. Children’s playgrounds should pay attention to the following details:

 1. Children's parks should stipulate that children entering the park must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old.

 2. For the health and safety of children, coins and sharp objects (such as hairpins, ornaments, etc.) on children are not allowed to be brought into the venue to avoid hurting other children. 

 3. When children are playing in the children's playground, parents should take up the responsibility of supervision, and can't let the children jump directly from the height of the equipment, so as not to fall or hit other children. 

 4. The hygiene of the children's playground is related to the safety of all children, and it should be strictly prohibited to urinate or spit in the playground. These details are basic, in addition to other security factors. The children’s playground is a combination of various equipment, which is generally divided into different areas. For the children’s playground equipment in different areas, the children’s playground should post relevant cautions to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries.