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Introduction to related knowledge of amusement equipment installation and maintenance

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What problems should be paid attention to in the installation of children's playground equipment
1. Be careful during the installation process. Any place that visitors can touch must not have sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions. The decorations on the amusement equipment must be fixed firmly.
2. Warning signs must be marked on the amusement equipment, such as equipment description, precautions, etc., so that passengers can see at a glance, and then decide whether they are suitable for the amusement equipment.
3. When installing amusement equipment, do not directly place relatively large equipment on the ground for the sake of saving trouble. You must fix the equipment on the ground or use other methods to fix the equipment to prevent the equipment from collapsing.
4. The amusement equipment must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, not in your own way, so as to avoid the appearance of the equipment being intact, after a period of use, various problems will occur.
The editor reminds all operators to pay attention when installing amusement facilities, and strive to install and debug the equipment in place at one time, so as to avoid various problems in future operations.
For outsourcing installation, complete manufacturing and installation quality certification documents shall be provided. For manufacturing and installation performed by the same unit, the final quality certification document of the product can combine the manufacturing and on-site installation quality certification documents, but it must be clearly stated in sections and issued by the person who has the right to issue. . For installations performed by other licensed units, the installation quality certification documents should at least include installation inspection records, commissioning records, operation test records, re-inspection and inspection records after operation tests, and an installation qualification certificate issued by the person in charge of on-site construction;
You should pay attention to these aspects in the repair process, so that you can better repair the equipment and repair the equipment in a timely manner, so that you will not affect the mood of the customer.
The first thing to pay attention to is to start with the details. Now when many people are repairing this facility, they are always able to find the faults and then repair them. But many people have overlooked one point, that is, when repairing, you also need to start with the details. Only in this way can it be thoroughly repaired, so that there will be no problems to avoid some other failures of the equipment after a period of use, which will affect the business of the park.
When the facilities are being repaired, everyone needs to pay attention to one point, that is, they need to operate in accordance with safety regulations. Only in this way can you allow yourself to operate in accordance with safety standards, so as to avoid any problems. Therefore, this point has become a point that many people need to pay attention to. At the same time, it is also an aspect that needs to be paid attention to when repairing. Following safe standard operations can not only repair the equipment, but also guarantee your own safety.
Common sense of installation and maintenance of children's playground equipment
1. Installation of children's playground equipment

According to the size of the children’s playground equipment, the installation of amusement equipment can be divided into two situations: one is the installation of small amusement equipment; the other is the installation of large amusement equipment; the installation of small amusement equipment does not involve safety issues. Therefore, the installation is not strict, as long as those who know the technology can install it; large amusement equipment has high requirements during installation, so it must be installed by professionals. The manufacturers of these installers must also have relevant installation licenses. Installers must be trained by relevant departments before they can work.
2. Maintenance of children's playground equipment
Children's playground amusement facilities need frequent maintenance to ensure operation

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