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What pitfalls should novices avoid when opening indoor playground franchise stores?

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Businessmen all understand that there is no business that can make money without losing money. Although opening a children's playground has a good market prospect and is a good business opportunity, some people make money and others lose money. No one dares to promise to make 100% money. What we need to do is to minimize the risk.

Warm tips for Shepherd Baby Children's Paradise: novices must avoid these pits:
1. Do not conduct market research and analysis, and select sites at will

When you start a children's park, you must pay attention to the location of the children's park and market research and analysis, because this is the key to your success. When selecting a site, we should fully consider the local consumption level, the traffic volume of the selected area, the number of target consumers, whether the traffic is convenient, whether there are competitors around, and how their business conditions are.

2. Think more equipment is better

For new entrepreneurs, if they want to open a profitable children's park, it is not that the more projects, the more attractive. A reasonable planning scheme can give children a better play experience, attract tourists' interest and improve profits. If you just want to add equipment without reserving space, it will only bring a sense of disorder and crowding to customers and affect the amusement experience.

3. Blindly follow the trend

Some novice entrepreneurs only choose some popular online entertainment items when choosing equipment, which may not be suitable for your children's park, or there are many such items around you, resulting in unnecessary competition. In the face of a wide variety of amusement projects on the market, operators should not only observe whether there is innovation, but also understand the market situation, and should not blindly follow the trend in combination with their own conditions.

4. Pay no attention to membership card marketing and daily activity marketing
Membership card marketing is the magic weapon for children's park to quickly return to profitability, and also a powerful weapon to enhance customer stickiness. If you want to attract customers to enter the park for a long time, card application is the best choice.
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