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Date: 14th-17th NOVEMBER,2017 
Contact people: Emily Chen

Phone: 13588916851 

The last one international show in 2017 will start 

If you have worked with us for a long time, but never met each other.

If you've been talking to us for a long time, we're going to have a deal soon.

If you've been considering us for a long time, we're ready to start contacting us.

If you have any questions to be confirmed about our company. 

Please arrange arrange your time in mid November and then come to our exhibition in America.

If we can meet each other at Exhibition face by face, We won't let you down:

1.We can provide the latest suggestions for opened playground maintenance and repair for old customer who cooperates with many times: 

2.We can give you the biggest discount on the spot for new customers who are going to make a deal soon.

3.We can explain in detail on the spot, and you can also check the quality of our exhibits on the spot for these one who considering a long time.

4.We can do the corresponding product recommendation at exhibition, combined with the current market situation, to help you answer doubts for these customers who have some questions needing to be confirmed.

Schedule your time and we will waiting for you.