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Philippine Trampoline Park opens

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Good News 

Play, have fun, lose weight and have such a great time?

                                                                                                                                                   The trampoline park is such a wonderful place to

Fitness + Fun + Release

You'll see your hormones explode every minute!

Air parkour, dunking and more screaming positions!


Part 1

Free Trampoline

Spread the waves and run around on the free trampoline.

Jump from this trampoline to that trampoline, you'll be agile!

If you get the hang of it.

Jumping into the sponge pool in one go is a piece of cake!

It takes courage to jump into a pool of sponge balls.

It takes skill to climb out.

The more you panic, the easier it is to get in.

Rolling out saves energy.


Professional trampoline area

The professional trampoline area, although in a secluded corner of the trampoline park

But it is always in the spotlight.

The trampolines in this area are the most bouncy and powerful.

The trampolines in this area are the most bouncy.

The trampolines in this area have the most bounce to them.

The trampolines in this area have the most bounce and can fly with the slightest bounce.
Part 3

team war zone

What used to be a place for teams to play "dodgeball" has been turned into a children's playground.

When there are lots of people, it turns into a children's playground.

Parent trampoline 1 to 1 trampoline instruction.

Or a slide!

Trampolining is all about having fun, there are no rules.


Spider Wall

The Netflix spider wall has really taken the internet by storm!

Now it's available at GJUMP Trampoline Park!

Get ready for 1, 2, 3, JUMP!

It's time to test the real weight!

Part 5

Parent-child development area

The parent-child development area has many small items, most of which test your balance. Don't worry if you regret it halfway through the course, just close your eyes, let go and fall into the air cushion pool.

part 6  Slam Dunk Zone

Who wouldn't want to feel the dunk of an NBA star?

Prepare, jump and dunk with the help of the bounce

Become a dunker in one step, and you'll be the best!

This is a must-play for the youngest brother to be handsome~

This summer

Trampoline is healthier, trampoline is more fun

So grab a trampoline board!

IF you are interested in our playground equipment ,please feel free to contact with me any time .

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