QILONG playground case in HENAN province

Date:2020-06-08 05:05:54 click:431

QILONG playground case in HENAN province

The project is in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Henan has done a lot of projects this year. This set has a good layout. 

The trampoline covers 50% and the naughty castle covers 50%. There are many projects in it, which can meet the needs of children of all sizes.

At present, indoor playground Paradise is still very marketable, especially since it has been getting colder and colder in winter recently, and it is not suitable 

for outdoor activities. Parents will take their children to play in the indoor playground, so that children can increase socialization and enhance physical fitness.
indoor playground is more than just playing. indoor playground can also develop children's independent personality, exercise, and brain. It has the characteristics 

of randomness, no power, interaction and safety, and is not restricted by the venue (indoor only).