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Trampoline park use and maintenance instructions

  • 2017/6/3 11:18:04
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Zhejiang Qilong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

---trampoline park use and maintenance instructions

For customers

1: Sign Safety Disclaimer:

Each customer should approve and sign trampoline park safety disclaimer at first,.

Teenagers who under 16 years old, must sign by a parent or legal guardian.

2: On alcohol is prohibited to enter:

Drug user and drunk are forbidden.

3: Pregnant women are forbidden to enter:

Pregnant women or those who have health restrictions,forbidden.


1: Wear non-slip socks for trampoline only:

 All customers must wear safety slip socks --- Buy from the front desk.

2: Do not carry sharp stuff:

 It is forbidden to carry other stuff with sharp belt buckle, clothing nails, jewelry, keys, etc. in trampoline park.

3: Forbidden items:

 Glass,ball, camera, camera, or other unauthorized items are forbidden on the trampoline.

4: Do not Chew gum:

  Customers can not eat candy or chew gum on the trampoline.

5: Food and drink are forbidden:

   On the trampoline,you can not eat food or drink

6: Do not carry anything in your pocket:

  When customers trampoline, try not to carry anything in your pocket

7: Please put your belongings in the closet:


Please keep your belongings, small objects and other debris placed in the closet please.

Precautions when playing trampoline

1: Enjoy jump time: Please enjoy the joy of trampoline. 

2: Do not sit on the trampoline: the customer can not sit on the trampoline, if you want rest,please go to the lounge area

3: Do not play on the trampoline: chasing, racing and mischief

4: Keep in mind,jump and landed with two foot.,which in case of falling on the trampoline pad perimeter, or head or neck landing.

5: When you lose balance,Please Note:try to clamp body into a curved shape, use buttocks sideways landing.

6: Always pay attention to control the body.

7: Do not use the hand to land.

8: Do not spitting: Spitting or speak loudly are not allowed.

9: Do not bring food, snacks and beverages into the sports area, please eat in the lounge area.

10: Security issues: For security reasons, the scope of the above provisions and caused injury to self or others, shall be borne by the party responsible for accidents.If not caused by quality of products, we will not be responsible.

Regularly check all parts of the indoor trampoline

1, spring inspection (use of 300,000 times): whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; spring static state, the spring can be stretched open to continue to use, there are stretched to use the expiration date, need to be replaced; ( Replacement time: spring about three years)

2, jumping surface inspection: whether there is a crack surface, whether off-line, velcro stitching is not correct, splicing is not aligned;

3, trampoline soft pad: the surface is broken cracks, tailors are off line, soft bag inside the sponge whether there is a shift (a shift to open the zipper to re-arrange put neatly), soft package and Velcro stickers have not aligned (There is no alignment to move the alignment re-paste, pull neatly).

4, steel frame inspection: whether fixed at the screw is loose, whether the steel pipe fracture.

5, sponge pool: one month clean-up time, all the sponge block out, clean the bottom of dirt, scrub the pool under the protection pad.

6, between the wall and equipment: Check whether the wall material at the link off.

7, fence: whether there is a loose network, there are broken.

Regular disinfection cleaning trampoline surface and trampoline pad

1, wet towel to wipe: If you need to clean the dirt stains, it is best to use no bubbles, towels need to wring dry scrub, so as not to liner wet, mold and other harmful bacteria caused by breeding mold.

2, disinfection: UV radiation can be considered sterilization.

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