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Introduction of the main raw materials for indoor children's playground equipment
2017/7/26 13:16:41

Indoor children's playground equipment production materials must be environmentally friendly and safe, because mostly for children to provide fun, this is quite important. Here is a detailed description of the indoor playground production materials and related requirements, especially in the surface of the material processing, as follows:

1, plastic parts material: imported food grade colored plastic, slide kind thick: 10mm, other kind of thick: 5mm low density polyethylene, add UV resistance, stability. The agent and the antistatic agent have the advantages of high strength, smooth surface, safety, environmental protection, good weatherability, and are not easy to fade;

2, column cover material: cast aluminum alloy. Surface treatment: outdoor polyester (polyesr/TGIC, system) resin powder coating, baking paint;

3, steel pipe fittings material: outer diameter 28/32/38/48/60/, thickness 2.5m welded pipe. Surface treatment: outdoor polyester (polyesr/TGIC, system) resin powder coating, baking paint;

4, canvas top material: imported PVC cloth,.45mm,.55mm.

5, platform material: thickness 2 and 2.5 high strength cold-rolled steel plate punching, by special process, surface micro wave shape, safe and beautiful, good anti-skid. Surface treatment: A, anti-skid plastic drape B, resin paint;

6, hardware parts: stainless steel semi round head, T type flat head screws. Surface finish: mechanical polishing;

7, material: stainless steel fastener fastener with screw connection, and a rubber pad on the buckle and column contact point set, and fastening screws, enhanced its security;

8, material: wooden wooden components are imported wood - African yellow rosewood, diameter: 95cm.

9, material: the pillar diameter 120mm and a 114mm national standard galvanized pipe, the thickness of 2.5mm, the overall processing with special technology after blasting, sanding, surface treatment: outdoor line (polyesr/TGIC system) polyester resin powder coating paint, high temperature curing, smooth surface, anti ultraviolet, bright color, not easy to fall off;

There are still many materials for making naughty fort, and here are 9 kinds.