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What are the benefits of children playing indoor children's playground equipment?
2017/7/21 13:35:31

With the level of economic progress, parents also pay attention to the importance of children playing, now indoor playground equipment is more and more popular, and even a corner square, parks, supermarkets, shopping malls inside can build a small playground inside the children laughter, lively and extraordinary.

What are the advantages and benefits of children playing indoor children's playground equipment?

Because the vestibular system in the central nervous system of the human body has the function of detecting gravity, maintaining body balance and advancing other nervous systems. Therefore, vestibular system dysfunction, not only will affect the child's balance and action response, but also will reduce learning ability. Therefore, often playing naughty fort can help children vestibular system function development, so the importance of children playing in the amusement park should be particularly noticeable.

Recreation equipment (indoor naughty Fort) containing swings, slides and other children climbing pipeline equipment; shaking car; children horse; inflatable castle; mouse; green monkey; swimming duck; electric horse. These playground equipment can promote the development of a variety of nervous systems for children, including the vestibular nervous system, motor nervous system, tactile nervous system, and so on.

(1) rolling and acceleration. Facilities for such activities include swing, slide, rocking machine, electric toy, etc. in naughty castle. The baby can sit in, you can ride electrical soft play, sitting or walking electric toys with small slide, large acceleration and velocity of the vestibular system supply sharply, to smooth the child's neural pathways. After 3 years of age, there is a great deal of fun. By swinging, sliding, and sitting up and down, they move up and down in speed.

(2) rotating activities. The equipment has a horse, a track, a small train, etc.. Most children love to spin around, but some children are afraid of spinning because of the brain's lack of adaptation to the rotation. So, don't push those who fear rotating kids spinning too fast game, and should play a larger arc and the rotation speed of slow rotation of the game, such as sitting track train, so they have the opportunity to function to regulate the vestibular system gradually strengthened up. For those who love the rotation of the child, you can let them play these rotary activities. As for the rotation of the children especially love, because the input, their influence on the lack of response to vestibular system, it can let them spin stuff sit fast, so dull made more drastic effects of vestibular system, and contribute to the normalization.

(3) anti gravity and balance activities. Such activities are climbing, slide racks, inflatable castles, naughty fort, and so on. Defying gravity is one of the survival instincts of animals that grow on the earth. Infants and young children also need to learn the relationship between one and the ground from a variety of game activities so as to create a sense of balance and form the concept of visual space.