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What are the materials of slide combinations?
2017/7/14 9:16:18

Slide is divided into single layer glass fiber reinforced plastic, double glass steel slide, wooden slide, engineering plastic slide, imported engineering plastic slide. Choose slides and other recreational products, we must choose good quality, non-toxic materials, environmental protection, in the design concept of fun, color matching, exquisite workmanship, so as to find a good manufacturer.

Safe and durable structure combination slide is very suitable for lively occasions of recreation facilities, the ingenious design, color harmony, the ingenious combination of various components of plastics, can bring safety, joy and lively feelings to children. It combines fitness and entertainment as a whole. According to the children's interests and hobbies, a variety of different styles are carefully designed. It is a new and comprehensive children's playground. The utility model is designed for children to like drilling, climbing, sliding, etc. the utility model has the advantages of bright color, strong entertainment, complete function and reliable quality. The whole amusement equipment facilities usually include doors, sliding sleeve, bridge, roof, stairs and platforms, column, ladder, slides, climbing pipe, and rope; all slide fastener connection, without any sharp convex surface, each component has a number of models and a variety of colors; also can according to customer's needs for personalized design and production.

Combination slide by unique and ever-changing game design, so that the construction of playgrounds, kindergartens, communities in limited space to create an unlimited joy and appeal, style, fashion, generous, high-grade.