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Soft playground castle use precautions
2017/5/29 9:58:32


  If you want open a soft playground, then there are some prcautions need to notice, like the following:

1. Before the product is used to ensure that the product is installed, the installation tools and accessories have been cleaned up

2. Into the naughty fort to prohibit the carrying of sharp objects, to avoid the process of the game by the scratches.

3. Check the safety of all the facilities of the naughty fort, check the facilities for loose parts and other safety measures, if there can not solve the problem can ask the installation unit to repair.

4. naughty fort only for indoor use, to avoid wind exposure situation.

5. To get inside the facility to remind you to take off your shoes.

6. naughty fort use the process, parents should remind the children not to push or crowded in the facilities, so as to avoid accidents.

7. Use a soft brush and a mild detergent.

8. prohibit the naughty soft playground net be pull and so on.